Breasts & mobile phone Radiation


I’ve been looking into some research on how mobile phone radiation might be a human carcinogenic.

In her lecture “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation”, Dr Devra Davis (Youtube 2 Dec 2015) presents scientific evidence showing how breast cancers have developed in women who wear their mobile phone in their bra or breast pocket.

Unusual multi focal tumours developed right under the skin surface directly under mobile phone antennas, without significant histology in deeper ductal and lobular units (where cancers normally develop).

Her precautionary advice is ;

1 Avoid carrying your mobile phone on your body. 2 Use mobile phone away from your head on loudspeaker or with headset. 3 Put mobile phone on ‘flightmode’ when not in use. 4 Keep mobile phones out of the bedroom when asleep.

A sensible New Years resolution …?

Photo ; iBoobies iPhone cover

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