BBook project
Curiosity Cures

In collaboration with a team of medics, scientists, writers, artists, designers and the general public, I’m compiling a book on breasts, along the lines of an almanac, a Cabinet of Curiosities, where imagery and text have equal importance in conveying meaning and messages, where both rational & emotional pathways are explored and ideas & facts complement each other.

BBook project is set up to create public awareness & debate around the topic, to question beliefs and prejudices, to share information, promote diversity (no breast is the same), encourage confidence and a positive change to the many troubling perceptions towards breasts.  With the interdisciplinary and inclusive approach, we intend to trigger people’s curiosity and inspire them to see beyond debilitating standards of visual perfection and medical fear.

With an increasing number of people affected by breast cancer (most common cancer in UK), with 70% of women dissatisfied with their breasts (breast augmentation most popular type of plastic surgery in UK ), with a growing awareness of breast related gender issues and global campaigns such as “Free the Nipple” and “Saggy Boobs Matter”, the BBook project is both relevant & timely.

Not only are a growing number of people directly or indirectly affected by breast-related issues, throughout history breasts have been in the public domain, perceived as sacred, eroticised, politicised, commercialised, medicalised, subjected to fashion and the ‘male gaze’.

The breast concerns all of us ; women (cis/trans), men (cis/trans), non-binary individuals and children.  BBook project aims to reach out and connect all these people, interests and perspectives.

I’ve experienced personally how curiosity and critical engagement with my health and body image has supported and inspired me. When I lost a breast to cancer (2009), I started researching, writing, making and collecting, to explore the breast in a very broad context. This allowed me new perspectives on my lopsided chest and helped me making sense of the major changes to my body and life. By sharing my journey and inviting anyone to collaborate, I hope to connect people (with each other and themselves ) in their quests for acceptance, healing and happiness.

We would love to hear your breast related stories, experiences and ideas, read what you’ve written, look at what you’ve made or collected. Please join the conversation !

Our work will be consolidated in the BBook, a book without a beginning, middle or end. Its engaging, eclectic content and looseness of structure will allow readers from all kinds of backgrounds and ages the space to make personal journeys and discover by serendipity.

Proceeds of BBook would enable us to do further work related to the breast ( lectures / exhibition) and to sponsor breast related charities.

Let’s talk breast …

Anna Versteeg
London Oct’18

Self portrait  29 Sept 2018