The Hello Beautiful Foundation is proud to support the BBook project ; Curiosity Cures, a visual book that highlights the beauty in all bodies, which is much needed in today’s society to help instigate change”


Nina Gerada (artist) My ceramic statuettes explore the power and strength of women’s bodies. I make hundreds of clay women, each one unique, scarred, strong and telling a different story. These are my Goddesses. Breasts are a key part of the project and of my own story; I had a breast reduction at a young age, 15 years later and against all odds, I chose to breast feed my son and discovered an immense worldwide network of BFAR (Breast Feeding After Reduction) mothers. I am thrilled to collaborate with Anna Versteeg on the BBook: it is a cathartic and curious exploration into the power and meaning of breasts.

Breast Cancer Haven fully supports projects that look to benefit people affected by breast cancer. We are delighted to provide guidance and advice to Anna Versteeg in the development of the book.

CoppaFeel! as a charity on a mission to ensure more people feel confident with checking their boobs/pecs on a monthly basis, is proud to support the BBook project as we’re always thrilled to hear of projects that seek to open and celebrate the conversation around getting to know and loving your body.”


Boost breast forms is all about creating objects and experiences that make people feel good. We question why makers of external prosthetic breasts strive for realism and how the appearance of the prosthesis affects the wearer. Boost is delighted to be part of BBook project to help inform, provoke, intrigue and delight readers on such a rich subject matter.”

Vian Salih (breast physician) “I am honoured to take part in Anna Versteeg’s BBook project. I have followed Anna’s breast cancer journey from the diagnosis up to the end of her treatment. This project will help women to explore the holistic aspects of breast cancer, ranging from awareness to coping with the disease. As a breast physician, I am delighted to share my experience and knowledge in service of the project.”

Honor Russ (nurse) I am delighted to support the BBook project; it’s a brilliant way to share both difficult and enlightening experiences while simultaneously offering support that diffuses the fear surrounding Breast cancer, this all too common disease. I have seen both sides of the fence, professionally as a nursing assistant working at a Breast Clinic and as a patient. Everyone experiences this disease differently, be that the young, the old, the women and men. The journeys I have shared whilst working have been of invaluable support for me and I hope this book can serve a similar purpose.

Dr Marijke Mostert (Biologist) As a researcher I worked for years in the ‘Daniel Den Hoed Cancer Clinic’  in the Netherlands,  where we investigated the fundamentals of the origins of cancer types like breast-cancer. I also participated in research re. the experience of breast-cancer patients during their treatment in hospital. I am proud to have photographed and followed the process of creating Anna’s bronze buste before her breast was removed. This was an impressive and emotional experience. I am looking forward to being involved in creating a showcase breast-book, such a challenging subject about one of the most intriguing parts of  the female body.