Mothers Day

As I, the Mother, have an ‘obsession’ with Breasts, and my son Finn an obsession with good Food, we decided to combine the two for some mothers day action;

I retrieved an ‘anatomical-breast-section-cookie-cutter’ from my Curious Breast Collection and Finn set out to produce some gluten and dairy free specimens. The cutter posed some serious challenges but as ‘ never give up’ is our family motto, he produced some beautiful biscuits with a ‘hint of citrus and whiff of vanilla’.

Whilst visiting our artist friends Tszman @zimachan and Antonio @antonionodar in Galicia (Spain) a few weeks ago, we spotted a white & blue ceramic beer pump in an old café in Santiago de Compostela; a female bust in a deep blue and brilliant white, both her breasts emphasized by a typical Galician pattern (reminding us of radiation warning signs). A beautiful example of  Galician Sargadelos Ceramics (since 1806).

As many of our friends are bemused by my interest in breasts, Tszman and Antonio were keen for us to sample another typical Galician product, the Tetilla cheese. Made from local cows milk, it’s flavour is creamy and slightly salty, with a fine texture and a yellowish ivory colour, but undoubtedly its greatest characteristic is the peculiar breast-like shape that gives it its name (small breast).

And Miki @mikithlowe, who was recently working in Madrid, introduced me to Tetilles de Monja, petite breast shaped biscuits, apparently resembling ‘ nuns breasts’.

Whilst on the other side of the globe, Australian ice cream company Gelato Messina has designed breast shaped ice creams to accompany a short film titled Lick Lick Blink by Australian artist Willoh S.Weiland. The performance hopes to explore cinema as a social space, and wants to leave you with lingering questions about gender and representation. The ice creams themselves aim to encourage viewers to consider how they consume women’s bodies on screen – in this case via a very literal consumption. Lick Lick Blink will be screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sidney until June’19.

Anna Versteeg

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