Let’s Celebrate our Breasts & Mourn the lost ones…

The 5thof February is the day of St Agatha , patron saint of breast cancer patients, bell founders and even the eruptions of Mount Etna, anything breast shaped really.

The Sicilian Saint ( c.231-251 AD) lost her breasts at the hands of Quintianus, an alpha male Roman prefect, who had them cut off with large pinchers after Agatha repeatedly refused his marriage proposals.

Throughout the centuries artists have portrayed the defiant Agatha presenting her breasts on a plate.

I love this modern interpretation of Agatha from Digital Art Reddit ( does anyone know who the artist is?)

Bakers all over Italy will make ‘Minni di Sant Agatha’, breast shaped cakes, on the 5th February to feed the celebrating crowds.

What is your tale of Celebration or Mourning ?

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