29th July’19  Today it is 10 years ago that I had a mastectomy and started out on my one breasted a-symmetrical life…

Today it is 9 years ago, that my brother had a star registered and named after me, to celebrate one year after BC ; the star is called ANNA ANNA…twice my name…emphasising that with all my imperfections and vulnerabilities,  I still can shine bright.

“How interesting ; ‘Anna Anna’ symmetry, circular-ness and doubleness…like breasts…if words were breasts would they be   ANNA ANNA ?”  Nina Gerada

“You’re a star and a palindrome! Asymmetrical love,xxx”                   Claire Collison ( one breasted too)

“…when my sister died, we named a star after her. It’s called ZORUMA (Zoe Ruth Marks) in the constellation of Cassiopeia. I love it.               Katie Marks

With love and gratitude to Nico, Wilma & Len


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